Beautiful Modest Prom Dresses

Finding Modest Prom Dresses

Choosing a modest prom dress may seem difficult since many popular styles tend to be revealing. With a little searching, you’ll find the perfect prom dress that doesn’t reveal too much skin. 

Although modesty means different things to different people, modest gowns typically include:

  • Completely conceals the cleavage
  • Legs should be covered in most or all places
  • Cover your back and midsection
  • Having a looser fit

Modern Long-Sleeves in Lace

Purchase a gown with a lace bodice overlay and lace sleeves for a long-sleeved look without feeling matronly. The dress has a youthful appearance thanks to trendy colors such as dark blue or rose, which are different from the standard black or white lace. 

A-line skirts fit most body types, but girls with smaller chests will look best in this style.

Halter Top Gown

Halter top gowns are a great option if you don’t mind showing some shoulders and back. Despite having a large chest, the high-neck style of the top provides full coverage. 

Your ethereal look will be enhanced by the ruched chiffon fabric that floats effortlessly over your body type. You can keep the romantic feel of the fabric by adding a cute chiffon capelet.

Short Prom Dress With Sleeves

You can wear a knee-length bedazzled dress to proms where short dresses are the norm. Overlay provides more coverage and falls below the knee while underlay hits just above the knee. 

Sequins on the top and a circular opening at the back give it a modern edge while short sleeves and a high neckline provide modesty.

Flutter Sleeve Gown

Consider a gown with flutter sleeves if you need shoulder coverage that won’t stifle you on the dance floor. Despite covering the shoulders and upper part of the arm, these loose-fitting short sleeves allow you to move freely on the underside. 

This dress is ideal for girls of any size because of its A-line fit and high neckline.

Modest Two-Piece Gown

It’s totally possible to look trendy and modest in your prom dress! High-neck tops with sleeves and high-waisted skirts provide all the coverage you need for a hot two-piece gown. You get full coverage on your chest, shoulders, and legs, while only a sliver of your midriff is visible. 

The easiest way to hide a bit of belly is to wear a nude tank under your outfit, which gives the illusion that your midriff is visible.

Red Carpet Inspired 3/4 Sleeve Gown

You can channel old Hollywood and your favorite celebrity gowns with a three-quarter sleeve fully beaded gown. With this elegant look, girls of all shapes and sizes will look ready for the red carpet. 

Belted waists add definition to every body, while V-shaped backs make it look younger.

High-Neck Grecian Gown

With a Grecian gown, you’ll look instantly beautiful. The chiffon overlay provides chest coverage, while the loose fabric and belted waist highlight your body shape without hugging it. A flowing gown with blingy accessories can be worn by girls of any body type.

Elegant Square-Neck Maxi Dress

You’ll love this ballerina-inspired square-neck maxi with spaghetti straps if you have a smaller chest and a flatter midsection. Fitted tops and midsections provide youthful chest coverage, while flowing skirts twirl wide as you dance. 

This effortless look can be glammed up with a bejeweled belt and accessories.

One-Shoulder Modest Gown

With a modest one-shoulder gown, you can show off your shoulders and cover your chest. Fuller chests will appreciate the fitted, ruched top, which provides full coverage. It is sure that you will make a grand entrance at prom in this extra-long and flowing skirt.

Elegant Pants and a Shirt Dress

Wear a ruffled, high-low shirt dress with evening wear cigarette or tuxedo pants for the ultimate modest look. With this beautiful ensemble, you’ll be covered from neck to ankles, front to back. 

Adding upscale, bedazzled heels or booties will give the look a more elegant feel. To complete the look, add a skinny belt and formal jewelry.

Tank Top Ball Gown

Girls with smaller chests can try out a tank-top style top on an elegant ball gown. The wide straps and square neckline cover your chest and more of your upper body than a sleeveless or strapless gown. 

The full skirt floats away from the body so it’s not to form-fitting. Add long opera gloves and layer a higher-neck, satin tank under the top to get even more coverage.

Short-Sleeved Sequin Gown

Cover your chest and shoulders with an elegant, cap-sleeve sequin evening gown. You’ll look like a movie starlet in this style fit for tall, slim girls. 

The high, draped back adds a unique touch to this classic red carpet look with a mini train. A loose waist and hip section keeps this dress from feeling too sexy.

Modern Modesty at Prom

Modest apparel is a current fashion trend, which makes it easier to find prom dresses that cover your body. Styles that often incorporate modesty include:

  • Vintage prom dresses from as early as the 1920s
  • 1950s gowns with timeless silhouettes and voluminous skirts
  • Layered skirts and high necklines reign on Victorian style dresses

Select the one that suits your personal style and you’ll be comfortable and fashionable all evening.

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