What Is The Meaning of December 3 on TikTok?

It seems that TikTok users have been noticing quite a few mentions about December 3rd on the For You page of their app without much explanation. Here we will examine what the meaning of December 3 is as well as why it is such an important day for us.

Several TikTok users have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of mentions of December 3rd since the summer has ended. As far as I can tell, the app is not providing a lot of information about why this is happening. Nevertheless, in the months leading up to the event, the popularity of the For You page seems to only be growing as the date gets closer.

What Is Special About December 3 on TikTok?

The first mention of the reference can be traced back to the year 2020, if you can recall that is when it was first mentioned. I think it’s safe to say that, just like October 3, this is a pop culture reference.

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Conan Gray mentions the 3rd of December in one of his heartbreak anthems, Heather, which is a song about heartbreak and heartbreak. As a matter of fact, it is mentioned in the very first line of the song itself:

I still remember the 3rd of December, it was so long ago. I am wearing your sweater in the picture. According to you, it looked better on me than it did on you.”

In the days following the release of the single, TikTok took off with fans creating videos reenacting Heather walking by and catching their attention. As it turns out, every time this time of year rolls around, just as it does every year on October 3, fans bring up this significant date.

As of now, December 3 has been referred to as Heather day, and the day has even been included in the Urban Dictionary’s list of unofficial holidays. The fans can celebrate the day by wearing their sweaters that were given to them by their loved ones and going on a romantic date. Alternatively, they may think about how lonely they are and how no one is going to give them their sweater since they are lonely. There is no doubt in our minds as to which would be better…

I want to let you know that if you’ve been left confused over the meaning of the December 3 TikTok, it’s simply some fans sharing their love for a song.


TikTok trends, challenges, and memes are constantly evolving, and new ones can emerge after my knowledge cutoff. It’s possible that “December 3” may have had a specific significance or trend associated with it on TikTok since then. However, without further context or information, it’s difficult to determine the exact meaning. It’s always a good idea to search for the specific TikTok content or context related to “December 3” to get a better understanding of its meaning within the TikTok community.

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